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The Youth Basketball Association (YBA) is a Youth Sports Community program open to boys, Grade 1 to Grade 10, from the community (JIS & non-JIS students). The program is managed and operated by volunteer parents, faculty & students and/or other related individuals from within the community. Volunteer positions include league officers, coaches and administration support. Historically, we have had around 350 boys sign up.

The league philosophy is geared toward developing basketball skills, educating boys on the game of basketball, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair-play. Equal playing opportunity is a priority in the YBA.

Thank you, Toto Dharmadji, YBA Commissioner

Practice is about 1.0-1.5 hours long, once a week on a weekday afternoon. Practice time is dependent on the team coach (typically it can be anywhere between 15:30 - 19:00 ). Practices are scheduled at the various JIS campus gyms (Cilandak, PIE & Pattimura).

Games are played on the weekends. Our preference and priority is to have games mostly on Saturday. Depending on various factors (gym availability, holidays, etc), games may also be scheduled on Sunday. Games are scheduled only at the Cilandak campus gyms (Cilandak & PIE)

We encourage your child to register for the YBA. Basketball is a great game for developing your child's physical coordination, sportsmanship, confidence and team spirit. It is also a fun game!

Thank you for supporting the YBA.


2013 Boys Basketball! Registration Closed. Season begins week of Feb. 24th.

2012-09-10 22:50:51

For those who have not yet paid, be sure to do so soon by Jan. 25.  Bring registration form printed out along with 700,000 rp to the JIS business office, or follow bank transfer info as below. If bank transfer, please email a copy of transfer receipt with your son's name to:

Transfer Details:

Beneficiary Name        :   Jakarta International School Safekeeping Fund

Bank Name                 :   RBS Bank, N.V. Jakarta Branch

Bank Address             :    IDX Building, Tower II, 11th Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta, Indonesia

Swift Code                  :    ABNAIDJA

Account No.               :    10.69.527 IDR


SEASON BEGINS week of Feb. 24th!


Registration FAQ

Where can I find more info about the boys basketball league?

From the home page, click on the tab on the upper left side for "Jakarta Boys Youth Basketball."

Do I need to register as a member of YSCJ on the website in order to register for basketball?

No need what so ever,  in fact don't!  There is a website problem unresolved, so only use the google link provided. You can access the online registration form directly there.

How are teams set up?

We strive to create balanced teams based upon skill, height, experience.  It an is imperfect science and we work around matching your son to the days in which he can practice, and when coaches can hold practice.

Can I request my son to be on the same team as a friend?

We do not arrange teams based upon friendship. Creating a skill balance of teams within a league is the overarching goal.  Making new friends from JIS and other schools is part of the experience.

My son goes to PEL. We live near PEL. Do you have PEL teams?

We do not have any school-based teams.  The boys are mixed and come from a variety of schools, although mostly JIS. While it is possible to  have a team hold practice at PEL, the PEL gym is booked every day by the school, so getting gym time is difficult, unless after 5 pm.  We need to have enough players to form a team who prefer to practice at PEL plus a coach who will coach at PEL.  In short, it is possibe, often not likely.

What time are the games?

Historcially the younger players grades 1-4 play at PIE in the morning.  The older players play from noon until late afternoon at CIL gyms. This can always change year to year depending upon the number of players who sign up in each league and gym availability.

Is this a JIS sport?

No it is not.  YSCJ are community programs  We are open to the public, atlhough generally 70% of our players are JIS students. We rent gyms from JIS and our schedule must work around JIS school programs. That is why we will sometimes have games on Sundays rather than Saturdays because of conflicts with JIS special events.

Who are the coaches?

The league's success and fun  is based upon parents volunteering, coming to games to cheer on the team, and helping out.  Parent particpation is what makes the league special. Parents volunteer to coach and help.  If we do not have enough parent coaches, then we solicit high school boys and girls from the varsity teams to coach teams.



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